Tenant Resource Center (TRC)

Our Tenant Resource Center (TRC) is located at the North High Rise at 77 N. Main St. The TRC is designated space for the residents from our Family Developments to provide them with the opportunity to participate in personal enrichment and educational programs.

The TRC is a space designed specifically with our families in mind. We offer programs for kids, like our Homework Club, arts and craft events for our families, such as pumpkin painting, as well as enrichment programs, like resume writing and budgeting for adults. The TRC has computers that can be used for school projects or resumes, as well as access to free books for kids and adults. This is your space, and we would love to hear from you, our tenants, as to what programs you would like to see in the future.

Report Card Program

In an effort to encourage academic success among our young residents, the Carbondale Housing Authority is happy to announce that we will be giving out $5 McDonalds, Taco Bell or Burger King gift cards to all of our residents in grade school or high school who have an 85 or above average. Just bring your report card into the office to receive your gift card. This will be an ongoing program, so if you don’t qualify this time, you have plenty of time to improve before your next report card! We look forward to supporting your continued academic success!

Local Organizations

The following are local organizations whose services are geared towards family support and development.

No Smoking Policy

Out of concern for the effect that second hand smoke has on those with respiratory or other health related conditions, the elderly populations in general, children, non-smoking adults, as well as the general fire hazard and maintenance issues, smoking is banned on all Carbondale Housing Authority (CHA) properties.

This includes any outdoor or exterior areas owned by CHA, including sidewalks, parking areas, porches, decks and patios.
This policy applies to anyone on CHA property including tenants, their guests, contract employees, or any individual on our property for any reason.

Tenants who violate this policy are at risk for eviction.
Any tenant who disconnects their smoke alarm will be subjected to a $50 fine. Repeated violations may result in eviction.